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Yusuf Özdemir was born on September 27, 1994 in Altındağ, Ankara .

Şenlik Primary School (2007) and
Ankara University Development Foundation Private Anatolian Vocational High School Information Technologies Area

He studied the Network Management Department (2012).
Anadolu University International Information Technology Programming UOLP department (2014),

Anadolu University Department of International Relations (2014)

and started his university life with Anadolu University Hospitality Management (2017).

He completed his undergraduate life with Başkent University Communication Faculty Communication Design Department.
He is also actively studying Anadolu University Public Relations and Advertising Department.

He graduated from Ankara University Development Foundation Private Anatolian Vocational High School as the first student .
He graduated from the Faculty of Communication, Başkent University , Department Fourth and Honors Student .

He won the second prize in the Ankara Brand Festival Advertising Competition held in 2017.

He was the founding member of Başkent University Public Relations and Publicity Society and was the Chairman of the Disciplinary Board.

Now; It serves various companies as a freelance.

Also professionally; He continues his career as a Brand Manager at Bilnet Schools.

Between 2009 and 2012, he took an advanced level English course at Miami Open Hearts International College in the USA.

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